Leader Smart Press 230V Tankless Sys

Leader Smart Press 230V Tankless Sys
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Price: $99.99
Product ID : SmartPress230V



Leader Smart Press 230V Tank-less System. Tank Eliminator , space saver, with constant pressure delivery during supply from one or more distribution points. The pump starts when the pressure of your system is less than the fixed pressure of the smart press (1.5 bar or 22 PSI). Smart Press stops pump when flow is no longer detected. Pump keeps operating approximately 5 seconds after no flow is detected. If there is no water in the suction point Smart Press stops pump without using level probes or float switch. Automatically performs test if blockage occurs every 30 minutes by an internal flow sensor. Lights indicate various operating phases. RAMM Pumps. Copyright [10.25.15] by Wholesalepumps.com

Up to 3 hp 230 vac shallow well jet pump or submersible pump

Max HP: 3 VOLTS: 230, 10A,  CONTROLS PUMP OPERATION, automatically and without interuption,


Green LED on: Power supply present.
Yellow LED on: Pump Working.
Red LED On: Blocked water supply at suction end.